Parasite (2019)

  • Comedy, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
  • 2h 11m

Ki-taek’s family of four is close, but all are unemployed and the future looks bleak. However, when the son, Ki-woo is recommended by a fellow university student friend for a well-paid tutoring job, hope spawns for a regular income. Carrying the expectations of the family, Ki-woo arrives at the house of Mr. Park, the owner of a global IT firm, where he meets Yeon-kyo, the young lady of the house. The job interview is a success and soon Ki-woo begins work. But very soon, following this first meeting between the two families, an unstoppable string of mishaps lies in wait.

special effects makeup assistant

Kyung Hye Bae

production manager

Sang-Soo Kim

second unit director

Jung-hoon Lee

Assistant Director

Do-Geon Oh